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A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer DC Motorists Call First

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer DCCohen & Cohen, P.C. is a motorcycle accident lawyer DC motorists call first when they need legal representation. If you have been involved in an accident as a motorcyclist call us now for a free consultation to discuss your case. Our attorneys on staff have extensive experience in vehicle accidents and have collected large sums of money for many clients.

A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in DC Who Cares About Their Clients

A Cohen and Cohen attorney has a well deserved reputation as a motorcycle accident lawyer DC clients can believe in. We recognize that each client is a person in need of legal representation, and it is our responsibility to help them recover as large a settlement as possible or to win court cases on their behalf. Cohen and Cohen’s entire staff shares in that same philosophy. We are here for you.

We Are a DC Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Who is On Your Side

A motorcycle accident victim may mistakenly believe that because they and the at-fault driver have insurance, there is no need for a lawyer. In fact, it may be your own insurance company who is slow to pay your medical bills, or balks at paying you altogether. Because their profit margin is negatively affected with every payout, it is not unusual for an insurance company to avoid prompt and full payments even when you deserve and need them. Your medical care may suffer as a result, and it can become a downward spiral. Without sufficient medical care, your injuries may worsen, requiring yet more serious medical care, resulting in additional medical costs.

You have a much better chance at avoiding this nightmarish scenario by hiring an attorney up front. An insurance company is more likely to make full and prompt payments to a client who has legal representation. If they do not, they risk paying attorney fees in addition to whatever payment they will already have to make. It is cheaper for them to settle quickly. Cohen and Cohen is a motorcycle accident lawyer DC insurance companies take seriously.

Get Back Out on the Open Road

Not every motorcycle accident lawyer DC accident victims hire to represent them is a top-notch attorney. At Cohen and Cohen, we pride ourselves on our outstanding reputation in the industry, and especially among our previous and current clients.

The first step to helping you get your life back is to contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. After a confidential discussion about your case, we can develop a legal strategy to obtain a financial settlement on your behalf. If you have sustained an injury, or even suspect that you may have, it is important that you not delay in seeking legal help. Injuries of any kind, whether they be physical or emotional, can escalate quickly, and so too can the medical bills. Give us a call today, at Cohen and Cohen, if you need a motorcycle accident lawyer DC motorists call first.

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