Uber Accident Lawyer DC

Uber Accident Attorney DC

Uber Accident Lawyer DCWondering if you need a Washington DC Uber car accident lawyer after your rideshare accident in DC? Ridesharing with companies like Uber or Lyft is more popular than ever. As public transit spreads into this new realm, the need for an Uber car accident lawyer in DC is also climbing. This new and exciting way of public transportation is appealing for many reasons. Companies like Uber and Lyft have created a way for people to get a cheap ride anywhere, anytime, without having to hail a taxi. Not only it this method commuter friendly, it is environmentally friendly by keeping more cars off the road, it encourages community sharing and trust, and it creates flexible paying jobs for many people who are also pursuing other career goals. But with all this also comes a traffic and insurance liability nightmare. Many insurance companies are adding in rideshare polices to cover their subscribers in the rideshare accidents in DC, although having such coverage is not a common trend yet. After a rideshare accident, many people will be left with questions and concerns that a Washington DC Uber car accident lawyer can help you with.

The Difference Between Uber & Car Accidents

An Uber car accident lawyer in DC can help you understand the differences between an Uber car accident and other car accidents. For starters, the insurance policy for an Uber or Lyft driver is limited to the driver’s independent policy, as well as the companies’ additional “per-ride” policy of up to one million dollars. This can make it difficult to know the parameters of the case. Whether you were an Uber driver, passenger, or a passerby, a Washington DC Uber car accident lawyer can also help you with additional circumstances such as:

  • Uber has no customer services contact besides an email address, making them difficult to contact in the event of an accident
  • Many rideshare companies don’t consider themselves transportation companies, but rather a technology service which let’s the company lay blame on the driver alone
  • Up until recently Uber has never provided coverage for drivers when there is no passenger in the car

Contact an Uber Accident Lawyer in DC

Whether you were an Uber or Lyft driver, passenger, or just a pedestrian involved in an accident, you are entitled to compensation from both the rideshare companies’ additional policy, as well as the driver’s policy. An Uber care accident lawyer in DC is the best way to make sure your case comes out in your favor. Don’t leave your case up to the company or the other people involved. If you have been in a rideshare accident, contact a Cohen and Cohen Washington DC Uber car accident lawyer now. A Cohen and Cohen Uber car accident lawyer in DC is waiting to help you.